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..how to get pregnant using egg whites??...

Assalamualaikum semua....hah....sapa yg pernah dengar pasal putih telur boleh membantu kita tuk mengandung ?(sila angkat tngan)...hehehhe..sbenarnya tdi mama ada tebaca sebuah blog ni,dia ada terangkan bgaimana cara2 tuk mengandung menggunakan putih telur...iye,,,putih telur  ayam yg kita mkan tu...hah..jan tak pecaya plak.. ..ni mama copy dri  blog tu...baca jan tak baca ye.....

If you are facing a difficulty with conception you should try egg whites. You might laugh in disbelief but it is true that egg whites can indeed help you with pregnancy.
Not being able to conceive can be very frustrating and emotionally taxing especially if you have tried a number of ways and have failed. There are actually many different ways that are safe and recommended but there is no surety that they will work. If you are facing a difficulty with conception you should try egg whites. Many will gape at this suggestion and many others will end up laughing in disbelief but it is true that egg whites can indeed help you with pregnancy. Many women have actually tried it successfully. Whether you believe it or not there is no harm trying it because it is safe and comes with no side effects. Why not give it a shot then? If the results are positive, you will finallyget pregnant
Track your ovulation dates
To start off with, you should track your ovulation dates so that you know when the best time for sex is. You can do this in a number of ways, either by tracking your cervical fluid or your basal body temperature or both together. You can also use ovulation sticks that you can find at the drugstore to check if you are ovulating.
At ovulation, get an egg
Once you know when you are ovulating and once you are ready to have sex, you should first go to the fridge and retrieve an egg. No really. Let it sit until it comes to room temperature. After that, break the shell open and pour the contents into a bowl. Very carefully, separate the yolk. Remember you need only the egg white. You should never use the yolk. If it breaks, it will ruin the egg white too and it will be hard to separate. Thus you should do it carefully and get rid of the egg yolk.
Insert into vagina
Once you have the egg white, you should place it in your vagina. Again, there should be no yolk because yolk can invite bacterial growth and that can be very dangerous. Another thing to keep in mind is to insert the egg white immediately. You should not let it sit at all. Delaying will lead to bacterial growth on the egg white and that will again harm you. Thus, as soon as you separate the yolk you should insert the egg white into your vagina. Now you are ready to have sex.
Egg white will make your vagina sperm friendly
You may be wondering what good this will do. Some of you may also be scowling with disgust at the thought of placing egg white in your vagina. However, keep in mind that you are doing this in order to get pregnant and it is definitely worth a shot. How this works is, the egg white will make your vagina sperm friendly. It has the consistency of mucus and thus will make sure that the sperm travels with ease to through the vagina and into the fallopian tube to the egg in order to fertilize it. Doing this while ovulating will increase your chances further. Always keep in mind that this is not a sure shot way. This method does not come with a guarantee but it is worth a try.
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p/s: wlaupun usaha ni tak semestinya menjanjikan yg kita kan berjaya pregnant...tapi,apa salahnya mencuba kan,lgipun dia takde side effect ...selamat mencuba ye....chayo3x,,usaha tangga kejayaan... ;)

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